Patricia Clarke

Thirty years ago, in a clinic in Switzerland, bandages were removed from the limbs of an arthritic patient. A new gel was being tried for the ailment - it worked, but what was more astounding was the fact that where the gel and bandages were placed, there was a noticeable centimeter loss in the size of the limb.

Working with a top biochemist we improved dramatically on this formula. Its success is due to the amazing formulated suspension of specially selected elements and plant extracts, which compliment each other and act in synergy to bring quick, successful centimeter loss.
PATRICIA CLARKE is hypo-allergenic and recommends the use of contouring pressure, i.e. Slimming Pants and bandaging. Otherwise simply apply PATRICIA CLARKE gel sparingly over thigh, abdomen and buttocks in an upward sweeping movement towards the heart.
Just imagine the stimulating effect of fitting more comfortably into your clothes and experience a slimmer and more attractive way of life with a NEW SELF.

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Patricia Clarke