Xen-Tan Spray Tan

Get a safe sunless tan with Xen-Tan Professional treatment and products, available at Body Renewal Cape Quarter.

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XenTan is currently available at the Cape Quarter clinic in Cape Town, and Umhlanga clinic in KZN.

Xen-Tan was created by the experienced make-up artist Cera Enochson, through an extensive process of research and development.

8 years went into the creation of Xen-Tan, resulting in a line of various sunless tanning products and the professional spray tan application treatment.

Innovative ingredients, such as odour erasers and time-release complexes, give Xen-Tan an edge over competition. The advanced products feel & smell like luxury products with no chemical smells that are usually associated with self-tan products.

Xen-Tan products have an Olive undertone, which looks more realistic and gives deep color even on the fairest skin tones.

The Cape Quarter branch has a range of home care product to extend your tan and use for self application on the face & body. Your therapist will advise on the best products suited to your needs and skin.

All Xen-Tan products are created to be used on the face & body. To ensure the skin is treated gently and with care top quality ingredients are used such as:

  • Milk Thistle (soften and heals dry skin)
  • Vitamin E & A (strengthens skin)
  • Shea Butter (giving a creamy moisture base)
  • Ginger Root (lightens age spots)
  • Green Tea (anti-ageing properties)

The treatment can be done as a standalone spray tan, or combined with a full body exfoliation for a more even application and long lasting results.

Full Body Exfoliation & Spray Tan: R400

Stand alone Spray Tan R350 (exfoliation can also be done at home prior to the treatment)

Your spray tan technician will give you a disposable g-string to wear and then spray your entire body with the liquid mist. This process take approximately 15-20 minutes.

The product dries within 5-10 minutes, after which you get dressed and leave the tan on for 4-8 hours (depending on how dark you want the tan to go). This allows for the time release complexes to darker and deepen the tan during the rest of the day, whilst you continue with your day's activities.

There is no sticky residue or foul smell as with other professional products and the excess residue washes out of clothing. Be advised though to wear darker and loose fitting clothing if possible.

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Review -Wouldn’t go to anyone else!
Reviewed on 4 November 2015 by Y.N from Cape Quarter *

I've been coming to Yoscha for about a year after a very dubious Oros-man experience at another spa. Yoscha is a prefectionist. My colour is always perfect and even. I brought my sister, my mom and my cousin here just before my sister's wedding with full conficence of a stunning result!

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