Eye Dark Circles

The delicate skin below our eyes is thin and is not as well endowed with oil glands as the rest of the body and is a constant reminder of the speed at which we age.

This sensitive area requires very specific treatments that can powerfully re-model the elasticity and collagen strength of the skin. Consequently as we age, the skin gets dry and wrinkled and the veins in the lower eye area appear more prominent. The padding over the orbital bone is reduced and the lower eyelid skin lies pressed on the orbital bone giving the appearance of dark circles. Other causes are lack of sleep, nasal congestion, hormonal changes or certain drugs.

Previously there were no treatments for this shadowing under the eye apart from home products and eye creams that improved the condition minimally. Now with the advent of Carboxytherapy and dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Perlane or Teosyal, dark circle rejuvenation is possible. After 4 or 6 treatments of Carboxytherapy to the lower eyelids, there is marked improvement in eyelid texture, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, vascular pooling, fatty prolapse and tissue luminosity. The theory behind this treatment is that by mildly insufflating the lower eyelids with carbon dioxide, blood flow to the area is increased and oxygenation improved leading to improvements in the skin texture and colour. The results appear to be accumulative and permanent and touch ups can be done 6 to 9 months later.

Take a good look at your under eye circles - is there a hollow trough between the base of the puff and the top of your cheek? Surgery to address tear trough hollows is not always appropriate but tear-trough rejuvenation with dermal fillers brings back youthful volume and contours the lower eyelids in a safe and minimally invasive way. You'll have a series of micro-injections along the line of the hollow using Juvederm or Teosyal - hyaluronic gel filler - followed by a little gentle massage to distribute the gel evenly. There is only minimal discomfort and the procedure only takes about 10 mins. But it's best to seek out an experienced doctor to carry out the treatment as the results are very injector dependent. There could be mild swelling and a 10 % chance of bruising around the eyes but this soon settles. You'll see the results instantly and the effects last around nine to 12 to 18 months.

At Skin Renewal we offer traditional therapy (such as home prescriptives with topical ingredients such Vit K, retinol and cucumber extract which targets dark circles and puffiness in the eye area.

The newly launched Luminesce Brightening range by Lamelle is sure to be a winner as it contains 4 groundbreaking peptides for treating pigmentation which offer excellent results in combating epidermal and post inflammatory hyper- pigmentation (PIH). An added benefit is that the combination of peptides used in the range offers anti-ageing benefits to the skin as they stimulate collagen producing cells. Traditionally eye dark circles have been one of the most challenging conditions to treat, but there is definitely hope thanks to Luminesce. It is used twice daily for 8 weeks to reduce the appearance of pigmentation and is safe for use on all skin types.

In addition to topical therapies, recent advances such as dermal fillers, Carboxytherapy, laser & light treatments, TCA Peels and Chemibrasion are all available at Skin renewal to treat dark circles. As each patient's case is different, we will tailor a treatment program specifically for you and your circumstances. A highly professional team led by a medical doctor assesses every patient and an appropriate combination treatment together with long term maintenance program is recommended.

Skin Renewal Tip

Asian skin is prone to excessive freckling, hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Dark patches around the eyes, caused by hormonal fluctuations, are also a serious problem for Asian women. As this condition is worsened by UV exposure, proper sun protection is essential. The Luminesce brightening range from Lamelle can be safely used around the eye area and together with Carboxytherapy treatments, promises new possibilities for treating the dark patches in a previously impossible area to treat.

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Review -I will never stop this treatment!
Reviewed on 26 June 2015 by Y.M From Morningside

Impact on my skin is great. I appear so much younger, smoother skin and more supple.

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