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      04 October 2018

      Beauty SA ~ Eczema

      Are you confusing your eczema with psoriasis? Read More
    • PE_logo
      03 October 2018

      Private Edition: Anti-ageing therapies

      An expert outlook on scientifically sound anti-ageing therapies Read More
    • 2Oceans-vibe-logo-3
      26 September 2018

      2Ocean’sVibe: Treating Bacne

      Here’s what you can do to fight back against ‘Bacne’! Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      26 September 2018

      Beauty South Africa - Skin Dehydration

      Is dehydration the secret cause of your breakouts? Read More
    • rooi_rose_logo
      25 September 2018

      Rooi Rose gesels met Annelise van Mooimaak

      Na haar transformasie by Mooimaak voel sy weer gereed vir die lewe vorentoe! Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      11 June 2018

      Beauty South Africa: Winter Treatments

      We share eight treatments to spoil yourself with this winter.. Read More
    • southlands-sun
      01 June 2018

      Southlands Sun - Ageing Hands

      Keep your hands age-proof by using these three simple tips. Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      16 May 2018

      Beauty South Africa: Skin damage control list

      The only skincare damage control list you’ll ever need! Read More
    • 3kids-2dogs-one-old-house
      11 May 2018

      3kids2dogsand1oldhouse - Skin update perspective

      Cindy Alfino shares an update on her skin's journey and puts it in perspective! Read More
    • ZA_lebs_logo
      20 March 2018

      ZAlebs: Watch: Queen Twerk gets a nose job

      South African twerk sensation, Queen Twerk, who recently rebranded using her birth name, Faith... Read More
    • 2Oceans-vibe-logo-3
      14 March 2018

      2 Oceans Vibe: Read This If You’re One Of Those People Who Doesn’t Dig Scars

      Just above my right hip sits a 10-plus-year-old scar that arrived from bailing hard... Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      05 March 2018

      Beauty South Africa: How to take care of your skin after an in-office procedure

      A good and regular skincare routine at home is a must for beautiful, glowing skin, but... Read More
    • Fatima_logo_resize
      05 March 2018

      Fatima Saib -  Golden Milk, Skin Renewal & keeping fit when you don’t have the time.

      As many of you know by now, I regularly go to Skin Renewal for treatments... Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      22 February 2018

      Beauty South Africa: Get the Twilight look

      Close your eyes. Run your fingers down your face. Imagine it…You’re flawless. Read More
    • 2Oceans-vibe-logo-3
      22 February 2018

      2 Oceans Vibe: How And Why ‘Text Neck’ Is Becoming An Actual Health Problem

      Waking up with a kink in your neck can put a real damper on your day, especially if it hasn’t eased. Read More
    • daily-sun-logo
      20 February 2018

      Daily Sun - Pubic hair Myths Busted

      Study finds that 84% of women groom their pubes to some extent. It seems we’re rehashing the 70s. Read More
    • 2Oceans-vibe-logo-3
      26 January 2018

      2 Oceans Vibe: Losing Weight Shouldn’t Be A Journey You Take Alone

      I’m always curious to know who makes New Year’s resolution lists and what’s on them. Read More
    • mums-mail-logo-website
      22 January 2018

      Mum’s Mail: Medical Weight Loss

      Every day we fight the battle of the bulge, trying to ignore the tempting adverts of unhealthy food, Read More
    • Business_Essentials_Logo
      15 January 2018

      Business Essentials: Weight Loss Program

      Compliance of medical products, treatments & programs is a challenge that the medical industry face Read More
    • Health-24-logo-resize
      01 December 2017

      Health 24 - Sun Damage

      The African sun & its effects on your skin Read More
    • mums-mail-logo-website
      30 November 2017

      Mum’s Mail - Sun Damage

      Get anti-ageing tips to protect your skin against the damaging rays of the sun Read More
    • rooi_rose_logo
      17 November 2017

      Rooi Rose: Jacoline Kritzinger op Mooimaak

      Jacoline Kritzinger gesels oor Mooimaak en haar Skin Renewal transformasie! Read More
    • HuffPost-logo
      13 November 2017

      HuffPost - There’s More To Skin Than Race!

      Get to know the needs of your darker skin type.
    • Health-24-logo-resize
      09 November 2017

      Health 24: Moisture matters!

      Facial oils have become very popular, but do they benefit all skin types? Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      12 September 2017

      Beauty South Africa - SA skin types and concerns

      It is very helpful to know where you fit in, as each skin type is unique. Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      06 September 2017

      Beauty SA - How to Beat that Winter weight!

      Every day we fight the battle of the bulge, perhaps it’s time for a little help from Body Renewal? Read More
    • mums-mail-logo-website
      05 September 2017

      Mum’s Mail - Cosmeceuticals vs. Cosmetic products

      What is the difference between medical skin care products & over-the-counter products? Read More
    • Health-24-logo-resize
      20 July 2017

      Health 24: Exfoliation

      Have you discovered the boon of superficial exfoliators yet? Read More
    • Health_24_logo_resize
      30 June 2017

      Health 24: Treating Hyperpigmentation

      3 lines of defence in treating hyperpigmentation Read More
    • My-Lime-Boots-logo
      28 June 2017

      My Lime Boots: Aesthetic and anti-ageing

      Listen to a podcast of Dr Maureen Allem talking about all things aesthetics and anti-ageing! Read More
    • joburg-style-logo-resize
      26 June 2017

      Joburg Style - Seasonal Skin Treatments

      Season Ready Skin with Skin Renewal
    • Health-24-logo-resize
      23 June 2017

      Health 24: Causes of pigmentation

      We look at 5 possible causes of pigmentation problems. Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      22 June 2017

      Beauty South Africa: Acne

      We look at 8 myths about acne Read More
    • people_mag_logo_resize
      20 June 2017

      People: Squeezing Pimples

      Beauty Blunder No. 1: Squeezing Pimples Read More
    • womens_health_logo_resize
      19 June 2017

      Women’s Health: Laser Hair Removal

      “I ditched shaving to go full laser — Here’s why I loved it” Read More
    • Health-24-logo-resize
      15 June 2017

      Health 24 - Hyperpigmentation

      We look at SA women's most troublesome skin condition, hyperpigmentation. Read More
    • Spice4Life-Logo-2
      14 June 2017

      Spice4Life: Ageing Eye Treatments

      Let’s have a look at what treatments are available for ageing eyes. Read More
    • Spice4Life-Logo-2
      01 June 2017

      Spice4Life - Hair Removal Options

      We discuss the different Hair removal options available Read More
    • stylescoop_logo_resize
      31 May 2017

      Stylescoop - Body Shaping Treatments

      Body Shaping with Skin & Body Renewal Read More
    • Health-24-logo-resize
      27 May 2017

      Health24: Laser skin therapy

      Laser skin therapy – could this be the answer to your skin problems? Read More
    • sarie-footer-logo-resize
      22 May 2017

      Sarie - Top Skoonheidsbehandelings!

      Clare Wiese-Wentzel deel haar top-skoonheidsbehandelings met Sarie!
    • A4W-logo-resize
      16 May 2017

      All4Women - Pregnancy Acne?

      Get back your glow - Top tips to treat pregnancy acne! Read More
    • 2Oceans-vibe-logo-3
      15 May 2017

      2Ocean’sVibe - Eye Bags & Dark Circles!

      When sleep doesn’t get rid of those eye bags, you know there’s something wrong. Read More
    • Health-24-logo-resize
      05 May 2017

      Health24 - Injectables for Men

      Find out how Botox and Fillers can keep you looking youthful. Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      04 May 2017

      Beauty South Africa: Ask the expert about Sagging Skin

      We look at the different treatments available for Loose & Sagging skin. Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      31 March 2017

      Beauty SA: Cosmetics vs Cosmeceuticals

      Know your cosmetics from your cosmeceuticals, Dr Allem from Skin Renewal gives clarity on this. Read More
    • Health-24-logo-resize
      30 March 2017

      Health 24 - High-tech acne treatments

      Technology is the third force used in effective acne treatment. Find your best solutions here. Read More
    • My-Lime-Boots-logo
      28 March 2017

      My Lime Boots - Male Skin Care

      What constitutes a healthy skin care routine for guys? Read More
    • Health-24-logo-resize
      03 March 2017

      Health 24 - Superficial skin peels!

      Why include superficial peels in your beauty regime? And which ones should you choose? Read More
    • Get-It-Joburg-West-logo-resize
      02 March 2017

      Get It Joburg West - What is the Vampire Facial?

      It’s new & your skin is going to love it! The PRP Vampire Facial uses your own blood platelets! Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      01 March 2017

      Beauty South Africa - All about Acne!

      When the skin reacts with acne or pimples, it is telling us that something in the body is not well! Read More
    • get-it-logo
      28 February 2017

      Get it Bloemfontein - The “Vampire Facial”

      The Vampire Facial is one of the most successful anti-ageing treatments in aesthetics! Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      27 February 2017

      Beauty SA - Ask the expert about Collagen!

      There’s a buzz going on about liquid collagen, does it work? We did some digging! Read More
    • living-and-loving-logo-resize
      26 February 2017

      Living and Loving - Stretch Marks

      Your guide to preventing and minimising stretch marks and scars due to pregnancy. Read More
    • get-it-logo
      25 February 2017

      Get It Durban - Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

      What makes PRP at Skin Renewal superior? Find out more about this treatment! Read More
    • get-it-logo
      24 February 2017

      Get It Northern KZN - Beauty Blunder

      Read more about one of the biggest beauty blunders we all commit… squeezing our pimples. Read More
    • Health-24-logo-resize
      23 February 2017

      Health 24 - What sets skin peels apart?

      Chemical peels are among the top five most-performed non-surgical cosmetic procedures! Read More
    • The-Crest-Feb2017-Cover
      07 February 2017

      The Crest - Want to lose those extra kg’s?

      The Body Renewal team motivates candidates right from the start, offering the much-needed support! Read More
    • Health-24-logo-resize
      03 February 2017

      Health 24 - Want a smooth, sculpted body?

      Body Renewal can help -- offering a variety of treatments that tackle cellulite & resistant fat! Read More
    • Get-It-Joburg-West-logo-resize
      02 February 2017

      Get It Joburg West - Beauty Blunder!

      Back to basics beauty blunder – don’t squeeze your pimples! Read More
    • Spice4Life-Logo-2
      28 January 2017

      Spice4Life - Seasonal skin treatments!

      Did you know that there is a seasonal cycle that we have to bear in mind when treating the skin? Read More
    • 2Oceans-vibe-logo-3
      27 January 2017

      2Ocean’sVibe - Lost weight rapidly?

      There's something you should really know about! Read More
    • Health-24-logo-resize
      26 January 2017

      Health24 - Set the Tone!

      Would you like a firm, toned body? This isn’t easy without first achieving a healthy weight! Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      25 January 2017

      Beauty SA - What’s causing your itchy skin?

      What could be causing the extremely dry skin on your body? Read More
    • 3kids-2dogs-one-old-house
      23 January 2017

      Cindy Alfino - Skin Update!

      3 Months NO Dairy, Grain or Sugar! Read More
    • Health_24_logo_resize
      20 January 2017

      Health24 - Body Shaping!

      You can prevent and eliminate loose, saggy or crepey skin, and maintain the good results! Read More
    • The-Bay-Jan-2017
      19 January 2017

      The Bay - Weight Loss!

      Have you put on a few extra kilos over December? We can help! Read More
    • joburg-style-logo-resize
      18 January 2017

      Joburg Style - Holistic Beauty!

      Want to know more about Skin Renewal's holistic approach to beauty?
    • Spice4Life_Logo_2
      17 January 2017

      Spice4Life - Want to lose those extra kg’s?

      Losing weight is always a challenge, the Body Renewal Medical Weight Loss Program can help! Read More
    • Health_24_logo_resize
      12 January 2017

      Health24 - Skin Elasticity!

      Why does the skin lose its elasticity? Let’s look at the causes and what can be done! Read More
    • Seeff-Property-Pages-Jan2017
      11 January 2017

      Seeff - Weight Loss!

      Feeling confident and comfortable in your skin is something that everyone strives towards! Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      09 January 2017

      Beauty SA - How to get the body you deserve!

      The Medical Weight Loss program from Health Renewal is specifically designed to help you! Read More
    • Health_24_logo_resize
      05 January 2017

      Health24 - Reversing sun damage!

      Your skin may be looking less than springy, with dark pigmentation marks – but all is not lost . . . Read More
    • Health_24_logo_resize
      29 December 2016

      Health24 - How to deal with sunburn?

      Oh no! You never mean to get sunburnt – but you did. What now? Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      23 December 2016

      Beauty South Africa - Sun damage!

      Protect yourself from sun damage! Read More
    • Health_24_logo_resize
      23 December 2016

      Health24 - Sunscreen!

      Sunburn prevention – your personal guide! Read More
    • life_retreat_logo_resize
      22 December 2016

      Life Retreat - Skin care Tips!

      Here are a few skin care tips on surviving the festive season! Read More
    • Spice4Life_Logo_2
      15 December 2016

      Spice4Life - Summer Essential!

      Are you investing time into maintaining your most important asset? Read More
    • Health_24_logo_resize
      14 December 2016

      Health24 - Why is sunscreen important?

      There’s unfortunately a lot of contradictory information about sunscreen, so here are the facts! Read More
    • sarie-footer-logo-resize
      09 December 2016

      Sarie - Selluliet!

      ’n Maklike oplossing vir 'n gladder lyf! Read More
    • Health_24_logo_resize
      08 December 2016

      Health24 - Injectables: Fact vs. fiction

      There is a lot of misunderstanding about Injectable procedures, we discuss the facts vs. fiction! Read More
    • 2Oceans_vibe_logo_3
      08 December 2016

      2Ocean’sVibe - Sunscreen!

      Ever wondered how sunscreen actually works? Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      05 December 2016

      Beauty SA - Hormonal pigmentation!

      Hormonal pigmentation is a considerable problem for women, we discuss the causes & prevention! Read More
    • We-care-pharmacy-logo-resize
      11 November 2016

      We Care - Skin Products!

      How does the skin absorbs skincare products? Read More
    • The-Bay-cover-Oct-2016
      10 November 2016

      The Bay - Get your Skin in Top Condition

      These treatments will leave your skin in top condition! Read More
    • Kiss-blush-and-tell-logo-resize
      09 November 2016

      Kiss, blush & tell - Peels!

      My Skin Journey with Skin Renewal: Understanding facial Peels! Read More
    • Baked-the-blog-logo-resize
      08 November 2016

      Baked the Blog - Skin Peels!

      Skin | Chemical Peels, My Journey! Read More
    • Dossier_Logo
      07 November 2016

      Dossier - Eyes wide Open!

      Jett Plasma Lift has an immediate and visible skin-tightening effect! Read More
    • BSA_Logo
      07 November 2016

      Beauty South Africa - Eyes on the prize!

      When is the right age to start using eye creams? Read More
    • Get_It_Joburg_West_logo_resize
      30 August 2016

      Get It Joburg West - Droopy eyelids!

      Jett Plasma Lift has an immediate and visible skin-tightening effect around the eye area! Read More
    • Sawubona-August-2016-_Brain-Renewal
      26 August 2016

      Sawubona - Train your Brain!

      Does your brain often feel fried? Perhaps you need to consider a personal trainer – for your brain! Read More
    • femme_lifestyle_logo_resize
      16 August 2016

      Femme Lifestyle - Grey Hair!

      Grey, Grey Go Away! Grey hair blues! Read More
    • Get_It_Joburg_West_logo_resize
      15 August 2016

      Get It Joburg West - Sleep Renewal

      What to do if you’ve been diagnosed with a sleeping disorder? Read More
    • Spice4Life_Logo_2
      13 August 2016

      Spice4Life - Skin Peels

      Do peels really thin your skin? Read More
    • We-Care-Magazine-Cover
      12 August 2016

      We Care Magazine - DNAlysis

      DNA is a wild card that needs careful consideration, understanding this can make all the difference! Read More
    • The_Ridge
      11 August 2016

      The Ridge - About us!

      What we're about at Skin, Body & Health Renewal! Read More
    • The_Bay_cover_Aug
      10 August 2016

      The Bay - Winter Skin Treatments!

      Limited sun exposure during Winter months, makes it the perfect time to explore latest treatments! Read More
    • A2-Magazine-Issue-18-cover
      06 August 2016

      Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing Magazine - IV Infusions

      IV Infusion Therapy - What you should know? Read More
    • 2Oceans_vibe_logo_3
      05 August 2016

      2Ocean’sVibe - Menopause

      The midlife crisis is real - and it affects men and women! Read More
    • A2_logo
      04 August 2016

      A2Aesthetics & Anti Ageing - Cellulite

      Mention ‘cellulite’ or ‘weight gain’ to any woman and she would instantly wail! Read More