Mela T ® peels

Body Renewal Tip

No matter how great your skin is at 25 , the inevitable age spots, pigmentation marks, red blemishes and sagging will slowly leave their marks on one's face by the time one reaches 35 and these will worsen with time . At Body Renewal we have recognized this problem and have come up with a customized solution to make it more affordable for the average person by combining our signature laser treatment, 3 D Skin Rejuvenation™ in an affordable package over a period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mela T® peel series is a 3 peel system for more advanced skin problems and medium depth chemical peels and is performed by an aesthetician who is trained in the Mela T application.

This chemical peeling system allows the aesthetician to address a wide range of common cosmetic skin conditions with great efficacy, safety and great results. Using a range of synergistically functioning ingredients and penetration enhancers, Mela T ® can achieve similar results to far more aggressive and invasive peels in a more controlled, comfortable and well tolerated manner. Not only is patient comfort significantly improved over traditional deeper peels, but patient satisfaction and clinical results are assured.