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  • The 4D Body Lift package- creating flawless without the Photoshop

    28 May 2015

    Have you ever admired those perfect bodies of models in the magazines?

    Most of the photos you see in magazines have been through some photo-shopping to create flawless images, but it is possible to have similar features with your own body. Body Renewal presents the 4D Body Lift!

    The package starts out with a few radiofrequency treatments to improve and prepare the skin by increasing blood circulation and releasing growth factors while lifting and firming the treated area. This can be done with Velashape™, Exilis™ or Titania treatments, all of which are world class and widely recognised radiofrequency treatments. After a few Radiofrequency treatments, PDO threads are placed under the skin. This needs skill and precision and can only be done by doctors trained in the procedure. These threads can be placed at various depths to achieve the desired effect. In addition to creating a firmer structure, it can destroy and absorb fatty deposits as well as smooth and lift the skin surface.

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