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  • Would you like to keep your tan during the winter months?

    07 April 2015

    Our Cape Quarter clinic offers a fast, flawless and natural looking spray tan that gives you the healthy glow, without having to spend hours in the sun damaging your skin and causing potential pigmentation problems.

    8 years went into the creation of Xen Tan, resulting in a line of various sunless tanning products and the professional spray tan application treatment.

    • Innovative ingredients, such as odour erasers and time-release complexes, give Xen-Tan an edge over competition.
    • The advanced products feel & smell like luxury products with no chemical smells that are usually associated with self-tan products.
    • Xen-Tan products have an Olive undertone, which looks more realistic and gives deep color even on the fairest skin tones.

      A sunless tan is always the wise choice, so if you would like to maintain your golden glow during winter, contact our Cape Quarter clinic on 021 421 9093 or capequarter@skinrenewal.co.za to schedule your booking!

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