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  • RapidHair™ is an innovative leave-in foam conditioner that helps bond nutrients to hair and revive its youthful, voluminous appearance in just 60 days. RapidHair™ is recommended for women who are looking to enhance the appearance of their hair. It is developed specifically for women with thinning hair. RapidHair™ is formulated with Hexatein® 4 Complex, a proprietary blend of hair enhancing, nourishing and revitalizing ingredients, specifically designed to help revive the appearance of hair and invigorate the scalp. This blend, unique to RapidHair™, helps awaken the youthful softness and sheen of hair, enhance its resilience, and promote the appearance of volume and brilliance. RapidHair™ is applied once daily, after washing and conditioning or directly onto dry scalp, preferably at bedtime. Dispense two pumps of product and massage briskly onto scalp. For best results it is recommended to use RapidHair™ for 8-12 weeks.

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