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Review -Fave therapist in the whole world!
Reviewed on 30 October 2014 by Anonymous

Great treatments and always professional, high standards and EXCEPTIONAL knowledge! She is my favorite therapist in the whole world and Skin & Body Renewal are my go-to body experts! Thank you!

Review -Thank you to the Fourways team
Reviewed on 4 February 2015 by T.M from Body Renewal Fourways

I have had several skin and body treatments at Skin Renewal Fourways. Have seen a difference on my skin, overall health, cellulite and body size. Apart from the excellent service I have received from the team/staff at Fourways. Their treatments (PDT, Carboxy, lipo- dissolve) work! Beverley is an awesome therapist that does not only follow on the treatment only, but relationship as well. I have over the months gotten to build a good personal relationship with her and feel comfortable during my time with her, Michelle has always stepped in to assist me when I require special assistance from the team and is partly the reason why I keep coming back over and over, month after month.

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