Dr Abbey Wagner M.Tech degree in Homeopathy (DUT), National Diploma in Somatology, International Accreditation in Biopuncture with the IABP


Dr Abbey Wagner has incorporated several systems of medicine into her practice in an attempt to provide the most integrative approach to health care. She uses Homeopathy,

Functional medicine, Bioregulation, and Biopuncture to provide a very holistic approach to the patient and their ailment/s.

After she qualified as a homeopath in 2007, she went into private practice in a multidisciplinary centre in Durban. She was soon approached by Heel (Germany) to become a professional international trainer of Biopuncture in South Africa. She went on to be trained in both Belgium and Germany, as a professional speaker and trainer of this modality and has lectured to hundreds of different doctors. She has also written articles for local natural health magazines and has mentored several new graduates.

Dr Abbey is passionate about her profession and prides herself in providing treatment that is current, evidence-based and effective. She treats patients of all ages and believes that individuals should be assisted to remain well rather than just treated acutely when unwell.

She is passionate about ethical treatment and correct patient management. She was the regional chairperson of her professional association for two and a half years and also spent four years lecturing Diagnostics part-time.

Dr Abbey will be consulting from the Umhlanga branch.

In her spare time, she runs around after two young children and rides horses competitively.