Dr Seema Maharaj MBChB (Natal), CFMP (FMU), FMCA Candidate


Skin Renewal KwaZulu Natal’s integrative medical doctor, Dr Seema Maharaj graduated from the University of Natal as a general practitioner with a special interest in aesthetic, anti-ageing and integrative medicine. She completed her MBChB at the University of Natal in 2002 and completed her internship and community service thereafter.

Dr Seema joined The Renewal Institute in 2017 spending her first three months undergoing extensive in house training following which she then commenced consults from the Umhlanga and Durban branches.

A true ambassador of both Skin Renewal and the medical profession, Dr Seema Maharaj is a doctor who truly goes above and beyond for each and every patient. The notion of ‘if you can be anything, be kind’, is truly embodied by Dr Seema and so evident in her work and the exceptional medical results she continues to achieve.

Dr Seema explains of how all too often people are judged on their appearance. ‘I am in the privileged position to guide a patient on a skin care journey to achieve their desired results. The condition of one’s skin is indicative of one’s overall health’ she reiterates.

Dr Seema’s healing hands and medical precision have certainly given patients the confidence they desire. Dr Seema is an avid reader and passionate swimmer, when she is not enjoying a book on the shore she is in the sea. In her spare time she enjoys following up with her patients skin care journeys or connecting with her family.