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  • Results - How well do you know your sunscreens?

    When do you use a sunscreen?

    • Everyday – 68%
    • Multiple times a day – 8%
    • Only in the sun- 24%

    What brand of sunscreen do you use?

    • The most popular sunscreen used by the respondents is Heliocare
    • Do you know what ingredients to look for in a sunscreen?
      78% of respondents said they do not understand what ingredients to look for and 28% said they do.

    Ingredient's to avoid:

    These ingredients can cause skin irritations and should be avoided:

    • Salicylates like (octyl salicytate)
    • PABA (para- aminobenzoic acid)
    • Oxybenzone Retinyl Palmitate

    do you rely on an SPF in a moisturiser or foundation for protection?

    do you reapply sunscreen skin renewal

    what sun protection factor do you use often?

    Do you understand the difference between UVA and UVB rays?

    54% of respondents said yes and 46% said no they don't know they difference.

    Below is the answer:

    There are two categories of UV light:



    Long-term damaging effects on the skin

    Causes skin cancers

    Nearly all (95%) of the UV radiation that we are exposed to is UVA radiation


    Causes sunburn
    Causes skin cancers

    • Ensure that your skin is completely protected by looking for a broad-spectrum sunscreen which will protect you from both UVA and UVB rays.
    • Sunscreen needs to be fully absorbed into the skin to be effective, so apply it 15 to 30 minutes before you step into sunlight.
    • Do you know the difference between a chemical and physical sunscreen?
    • 34% of respondents said yes and 66% said no they don't know the difference.

    do you know how long SPF protects you for?

    do you know supplements can enhance skin protection in the sun