Resistant Fat

We prod and squeeze those unwanted bulges and in spite of exercise and self-control, we find a few bulges that just won’t disappear!

We count the calories, discuss the merits of the latest fad diet versus the tried and trusted Body Renewal Diet, sometimes we sneak a glass of wine or chocolate (irresistible) and groan at the results of our early morning weigh-in or shriek with delight when the needle has gone in the right direction. It sounds familiar because we all do it… all the time.

For some, it is truly a problem as some of us just can’t confess that we have been sneaking off to the fridge when no one was looking! No matter in which category you fall, the resistant fat that defies all your efforts to reduce it, is a real problem. Alas, a good solution is available.

Resistant Fat

A possible explanation for those resistant little bulges is that some fat cells have more beta receptors and others have more alpha receptors. Beta receptors respond to the presence of adrenaline which is produced by exercise and fat cell breakdown is triggered when adrenaline attaches to the beta receptors.

Fatty areas with more alpha receptors will slow down the fat breakdown and even accumulate. This theory could explain why some people just don’t get rid of those bulges in spite of constant and regular exercise.

The common problem areas are the hips, tummy, bra bulges, upper thighs, saddle bags and tummy rolls. All these areas where resistant fat can be seen are treatable at your Body Renewal Clinic where they will recommend a combination of treatments to achieve great body shaping results.

Body Renewal Diet

If you need to lose a few kilogrammes, this is the place to start. The Body Renewal Diet is a great medical weight loss program and you can see the results. Daily!

It includes a low GI eating program that is combined with lipotropic supplements to help mobilise abnormal fat. If you really stick to the program, you will see the scale’s needle going left every morning. People have lost between eight to twelve kilogrammes per six-week cycle and generally find it quite easy to stick to the daily recommendations.

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome, also known as Syndrome X, is a combination of medical disorders that can increase one’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It is an increasing problem worldwide and poses a great risk to one’s health. How it works is not completely clear and the complex interactions have only been partially explained, but most patients are older, obese, inactive and stressed.

The markers for metabolic syndrome are excess abdominal fat, high blood triglycerides, low HDL (good cholesterol), high blood pressure and impaired glucose tolerance. Reducing your health risks and even shedding three kilogrammes of weight with the Body Renewal diet can help you do this.

The doctors at Body and Health Renewal will first examine and assess your general state of health before recommending a treatment program. This will be conducted in conjunction with your prescription medication and your progress will be monitored on a regular basis.

Body Shaping Treatments

Once you are within sight of your goal weight, it’s time to shape those bothersome areas with various treatments. The Body Renewal team will recommend a combination of the following treatments depending on your concerns, objective and budget:

Lipodissolve™ treats fat and diminishes localised fat deposits with microinjections that are delivered into these hardened fat areas to help contour the body.

Velashape™ is a four-in-one treatment that reduces fat dramatically. Introducing localised heating under the skin will cause it to tighten, reduce the fat and increase circulation to get rid of toxins.

Carboxytherapy™ involves injecting tiny amounts of carbon dioxide beneath the skin to break down fatty deposits, increase microcirculation in the area and stimulate collagen production.

Lipomassage™ treats resistant fat by stimulating deep tissue which breaks down fat cells.

Cryolipo, or ‘fat freezing therapy’ freezes fatty tissue to the point where fat cells are destroyed, which are then eliminated by the body over a period of time through natural metabolic pathways. A reduction in size of the treated area can be as much as two to three centimetres!

A little less of you that is healthier and shaped the way you want will definitely be a great reason to celebrate summer.

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