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If Lipomassage is incorporated into your treatments, one can expect quicker results and 8 to 10 treatments are usually required for a cellulite and resistant fat reduction instead of the traditional 20 treatments.

At Body Renewal we have recognized that before one even starts on any body shaping program it is important that one is close to their ideal weight or BMI (Body Mass Index) as possible. A visit tone of the medical doctors at Body Renewal will determine whether you are carrying excess weight. If patients are overweight, our Body Renewal Diet Medical weight loss program is recommended. One can expect a weight loss of 8 to 12 kgs in the first month if the program is strictly adhered to. At Body Renewal, since we have incorporated Body Renewal Diet into our body shaping treatments, hundreds of patients have successfully lost an average of 6 to15 kgs over the last 4 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Endermologie is available in Gauteng at Fourways, Irene and Parkhurstas well as in the Western Cape at Stellenbosch.

Endermologie® is a non-invasive treatment that manipulates the connective tissue resulting in slimming, cellulite reduction and anti-aging. The benefits go far beyond aesthetics to encompass your total physiological wellbeing.

Endermologie® is an international phenomenon in the beauty, health and wellbeing arena. With a strong presence in over 95 countries with 110,000 treatments performed worldwide per day, Endermologie® sets the benchmark in the industry for slimming, anti-cellulite and anti-aging. Over the past 20 years LPG proven to be the world leader in the connective tissue treatments and has introduced numerous technological innovations to enhance wellbeing. The original device which performs Endermologie® was the first system in the world to be recognised by the FDA as a proven solution to cellulite and body contouring. Endermologie has been the subject of many clinical trials with ongoing research and scientific studies continue to reveal outstanding results

Endermologie® is a scientific approach utilizing the principle of negative pressure massage. The Endermologie® treatment head is equipped with two rollers, both motorized, which roll and unroll a tissue fold, kneading and massaging the tissues. Between the rollers is a suction chamber, which applies a variable aspiration to this tissue fold, increasing the blood supply to the area. By manipulating the treatment head in various manoeuvres, the skin and the subcutaneous fat cell layer are mobilized and the blood circulation is restored.

Improved lymphatic drainage eliminates metabolic toxins from the tissues. The increase in oxygen and nutrients available triggers the body's normal process for fat elimination and the fat cells begin to shrink in size. The connective tissue walls are gently stretched, which encourages the fibrous tissue cells to produce better quality collagen and elastin, thus toning and firming the body.

Extensive scientific studies in Europe and the United States of America have substantiated these claims. Endermologie® was the first mechanical treatment for cellulite to be approved by the FDA of the USA. Here, in South Africa, there have been articles published in many magazines comparing Endermologie® with many other treatments available. In each case, the results obtained with Endermologie have been superb.

As one ages, especially if there has been yo-yo dieting, the skin's elasticity declines dramatically and gravity constantly pulls on our bodies and collections of resistant fat and layers of cellulite located in the most inconvenient locations can ruin your best efforts at looking good and can dramatically affect how you feel about yourself and your appearance; especially when you head for the beach.

Now with the advent of Endermologie® ,virtually any patient in their twenties or above can be a candidate for a little tightening and firming and the younger the patient the better the result. Eight out of ten patients get noticeable improvement in cellulite after the eight treatment but best results are seen after 20 treatments. At Body Renewal, we usually combine Lipomassage with Endermologie for enhanced and quicker results. (8 to 10 treatments as opposed to the usual 15 to 20 treatments)

Savvy 20- , 30- and 40-year-olds have all the preventative tools available to them and will not allow their bodies to get to the stage that today's 50- and 60-year-olds have.

Just about everyone is familiar with fat pockets that you cannot get rid of. No matter how much you exercise, eat healthily and maintain your body at a healthy weight, localized fatty pockets fat pockets will continue to be problematic.

A possible explanation behind this is that some fat cells have a predominance of beta receptors and others have a dominance of alpha receptors.

Beta receptors are very receptive to the presence of adrenaline which is produced by exercise. Fat cell breakdown is triggered when adrenaline attaches to the beta receptors. Fatty areas with a predominance of beta receptors respond to exercise and a person on a regular exercise program will see noticeable results.

The opposite applies to fatty areas with a predominance of alpha receptors. When adrenaline attaches to alpha receptors, fat breakdown slows down and the fat tends to accumulate more. This explains why some people will experience problems in areas that just won't respond to a consistent and regular exercise. These problem areas are typically around the hips, tummy and upper thighs, leading to love handles, saddle bags, spare and tummy rolls.

At Body Renewal we have the new Cellu M6 Keymodule developed by LPG Systems which is revolutionizing traditional Endermologie®. The principle of action is similar to that of preceding Endermologie® machines, but with very effective modifications. In order to allow the therapist to treat a variety of tissue conditions precisely, LPG Systems has invented a new technology that is opening up unexplored fields of research, Lipomassage™ (see below for further details)

The most obvious innovation is the Cellu M6 Keymodule. The 'Keymodules' are sets of rollers, designed to target specific problems, such as cellulite, loose skin (e.g. on tummies after pregnancies) and localized fat (e.g. 'lovehandles' and inner thigh bulges).

Another innovation is in the rollers themselves. Each roller is fitted with a miniaturized, high-technology motor. This allows the rollers to move at independent speeds, to produce the correct skin fold to treat the problem. In addition, the rollers can turn in the same or in opposite directions. (Forwards, backwards, inwards and outwards)

This independence provides for variations in speed and rotational direction, allowing the therapist to obtain a large variety of skin folds in terms of their shape, depth and thickness.

With the Keymodule, the technique has been refined and there are only two treatment paths and two manoeuvres to master. The motorized rollers mean that the machine does the hard work and the therapist needs only to guide the treatment head.

However, a great deal of emphasis is placed on the thorough analysis and assessment of the client's problem areas, so that the correct protocols can be chosen, programmes selected and treatments carried out.

Make sure that the clinic you choose for Endermologie has the newer Cellu M6 Keymodule that is capable of doing Lipomassage™ targeted treatments. At Body Renewal, we usually combine Lipomassage with Endermologie for enhanced and quicker results.

Body Renewal is excited to offer the next step in multi-modality therapy in treating cellulite. We call it the Bottom Line. Any treatment modality on its own can make a big difference, but in our eyes it's not sufficient. Cellulite has different forms and grades and thus success at combating cellulite needs a combination of treatments that include lymphatic drainage, reduction of fat cells, stretching of connective tissue and collagen stimulation.

At Body Renewal Endermologie is commonly performed with, the Lipomassage™, procedure for best results.

The initial 30 minutes consists of a Endermologie procedure and the treatment is ended with a more targeted Lipomassage™ procedure for enhanced results. Adding a TriPollar radiofrequency procedure to the protocol also ensures superior results.

At Body Renewal, with a combination of treatments, in 3 to 6 months we can take a good body and turn it into a Perfect body: slim, firm, smooth and sculpted

The treatments can be described as a deep tissue massage .After treatments clients are encouraged to eat sensibly, exercise moderately and drink two litres of water daily. Similar to any results driven treatment, multiple treatments are required.

If clients are overweight, our Body Renewal Medical Weight loss program is recommended. One can expect a weight loss of 8 to 12 kgs in the first month if the program is strictly adhered to.

Typically, 15 to 20 treatments of Endermologie® are required depending on your age, body shape, cellulite type and grade. Clients have one or two 35 to 45 minute treatments per week. A maintenance treatment once a month means results continue to improve. If Lipomassage™ is incorporated into your treatments, one can expect quicker results and 8 to 10 treatments are usually for a cellulite and resistant fat reduction.

Endermologie® and Lipomassage™ are required to be performed by trained and certificated therapists. Our therapists are trained at the LPG Training Centres in Cape Town and Gauteng. Our clinics are registered as an accredited LPG Endermologie clinic. This ensures that the quality of the treatments is maintained.

Yes, all skin types can be safely treated with Endermologie Cellu M6 Keymodule

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Review -Always good fun to spend time with Liezel!
Reviewed on 2 September 2014 by Vanessa Welke

Not having had Carboxy and Endermologie for a few months, it is amazing to notice how alive and rejuvenating it feels to do so! The effect on the body is almost instant with increased circulation. My clothes are looser after only two sessions and it is always good fun to come and spend time with Liezel.

Review -Professional & Friendly staff
Reviewed on 8 September 2014 by Mrs AB Parkhurst

Professional & friendly staff, treatments explained in detail & doctors assessment before treatments commence is excellent. My therapist (Liza Schoeman) is very considerate & friendly-she makes my 'painful' treatment a breeze. I'm awaiting results of my treatments as we're only half-way in, but i'll be happy to provide a detailed review of the treatment once we're close to completion.

Review -The Best I have ever experienced!
Reviewed on 9 September 2014 by A. K from Body Renewal Parkhurst

The ladies at Parkhurst are fantastic therapists. They know the equipment and procedures well and it is a real pleasure coming for treatments. They are professional and let you relax and explains the treatment and procedures she follows. I do not want to go to anybody else.

Review -Great Results!
Reviewed on 29 September 2014 by Taryn Bok

I've been coming to Skin Renewal for almost a year now and the service is always impeccable and the staff is always welcoming and friendly. I've noticed a visible change due to my treatments and the products purchased at Skin Renewal which were recommended by my therapist. I will definitely continue coming here for treatments.