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Loose / Lax Skin

There are two types of ageing of the skin which leads to loose or lax skin: True ageing due to chronological age, and photo ageing, due to the toxic effects of cumulative sun exposure or other environmental toxins, such as smoking, pollution, and lack of circulating antioxidants (diet).
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The two types of ageing manifest themselves in slightly different ways. In true ageing, the skin produces less collagen and elastin and the fibril layers loosen and become less organised. This causes the skin to sag and becomes thinner resulting in the classic signs of ageing. This process is accelerated by sun exposure or photo ageing making the skin older before its time. Another cause of loose body skin is having one or more children or sudden weight loss.

Thankfully, with advancements in technology a vast array of excellent treatment can be incorporated to prevent and/or correct this condition:

There have also been incredible advances in injectable technology with the rise of bio-stimulators and bio-remodelling fillers such as:

Traditional Dermal filler injections are also an option to replace lost volume which leads to skin sagging. With the use of the MD Codes techniques, our trained medical Doctors are able to replace areas of lost volume, with volumising fillers that lift the skin, thereby reducing areas of skin laxity and sagging.

Virtually any patient in their thirties or above can be a candidate for a little tightening and firming and the younger the patient begins with treatment, the better the result. Eight out of ten patients get a noticeable improvement in skin laxity after their first treatment, and ten out of ten will be putting collagen "in the bank" for the future. The new concept today is to start with tightening rejuvenation treatments early so as to avoid or postpone surgical solutions for as long as possible.