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The below standalone injectable solutions available at Skin Renewal-are performed by our doctors and treat the following conditions;


Wrinkles, Ageing Lips, Eye Bags, Naso Labial Folds, Sagging Brow/Face, Sunken Cheeks, Under Eye Dark Circles, Volume Loss, Ageing Hands, Eye Wrinkles/Crow's Feet and Smoker's Lines.

Medical conditons;

Bruxism, Migraine, TMJ and Hyperidrosis (Palmer and Underarm)

Injectable Treatments
Botox® OR DysportR80 Per Unit
Botox® OR Dysport For Bruxism/HyperhidrosisR70 Per Unit
French MesotherapyR2350
Ceccarelli R675 (From)
PC/LipodissolveR750 (From)
PDO ThreadsR950 (From)
BiopunctureR1450 (From)
MesotherapyR1500 (From)
Dermal FillersR2250 (From)
Jett Plasma R3000 (From)
Silhouette ThreadsR7000 (From)