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Other Solutions

Veins, Moles & Lesions Solutions
Laser Vein Removal R1350
Sclerotherapy 30min R2900
Toe Fungus/Nail Fungus Treatment R1150
NDYag for Warts R575
NDYag Shot for DPN/Cherry Spots/Skin Tags R1350
Acutip/PDL Laser R375
Warts Curretage R780
Jett Plasma R575
Cryotherapy/Histofreeze R810
Mole Removal- Shave Biopsy R1310
Mole Removal- Ellipse Biopsy R1940
Sexual Rejuvenation Solutions

Vaginal dryness, appearance, sensation, PMS, and hot flashes for women can be treated through sexual rejuvenation solutions while men with Erectile dysfunction or who wish to improve penile sensation and functionality can benefit from these treatment options.

PLEASE NOTE: The prices stipulated below are FROM and vary dependent on the consultation with one of our doctors.

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