Frequently Asked Questions

RAIL-THIN Treatments are available in Johannesburg, Sandton and Pretoria at the Morningside, Parkhurst, Bedfordview, Fourways, West Rand, Illovo, Irene, Brooklyn as well as in the Western Cape at Cape Quarter, Claremont, Constantia, Stellenbosch, Paarl and Willowbridge branches and KwaZulu Natal in Ballito, Durban and Umhlanga.

Most women are looking for a solution for the treatment of tummy rolls, bat wings, bra bulges, cauliflower knees, as well as facial concerns such as double chins, turkey necks and flabby cheeks. The majority of us will always be interested in shortcuts to a better face and body but not everybody is willing to consider the surgical options. Body Renewal brings you a revolutionary new non surgical treatment that can deliver dramatic results in a short space of time. RAIL-THIN. The RAIL- THIN procedure is an acronym for Radiofrequency Assisted Injection Lipolysis - Thermal Heat Is Nice. Injection lipolysis/Lipodissolve is performed before the radiofrequency procedure to diminish localized fat deposits in the affected area using a natural substance called lecithin also known as PC (Phosphatidyl choline).

At Body Renewal we are seeing the best results when the 2 procedures viz the Radiofrequency RF and Lipodissolve are combined in the same procedure viz RAIL – THIN.

The lecithin dissolves the fat cell wall. Radiofrequency is done straight after the injection procedure heats the water content of fat. It is hypothesized that by increasing the water content of subcutaneous fat by the process of injecting liquid lecithin, the RF results are enhanced. Furthermore, bruising, discomfort and oedema are reduced post injection lipolysis if RF is applied to the area.

The long term results of RAIL-THIN are also very dependent on what active ingredients are present in the Lipodissolve Mesotherapy solution. At Body Renewal, we use a combination of Lecithin and award winning growth factors and peptides. The growth factors & peptides present in the cocktail stimulate the production of collagen so that the dermis is strengthened and the texture of the skin improved.

On the Body RAIL- THIN treats:

  • Bat wings,
  • Tummy rolls,
  • Cauliflowers knees, and
  • Bra Bulges.

Previously there was no alternative to surgical solutions to get rid of a stubborn fat and loose skin. The choices were fairly black and white; surgery or untreated areas of concern. Now with the advent of novel treatments such as RAIL- THIN, Lipodissolve and skin tightening devices such as Titan, virtually any patient in their thirties or above can be a candidate for a little tightening and firming in various areas of concer. The younger the patient the better the result.

RAIL- THIN is the latest generation non surgical treatment dedicated treat localized fat deposit reduction.
When combined with a healthy lifestyle and the Body Renewal Medical Weight loss program, one can treat the resistant fat of the body.

Yes, RAIL-THIN treatments can combined with Titan, Carboxytherapy, and cryo-lipo fat freezing. Your Doctor will prescribe a specialised package to target your individual concerns.

A series of 4 to 8 treatments every 2 weeks are needed to improve areas of concern.

As best results are seen with after 4 to 6 treatments, every client is provided with a fully customised year long solution dependant on the patient’s age, relevant skin problem, budget and expectations. During your one-on-one consultation with your Body Renewal Doctor you will discuss your areas of concern, and also decide on a treatment plan based on your budget, realistic expectations and goals.

At Body Renewal hundreds of RAIL-THIN treatments have been administered to our patients with great results with virtually no side effects except some mild swelling and/or bruising for one to two days which resolves without any consequences.

The protocol methods for performing RAIL-THIN treatments have changed since the introduction of these innovative procedures such as radiofrequency. The discomfort has decreased with these changes and the chance for more immediate improvement has increased.

Yes, RAIL-THIN safely treats all skin types without significant pain or down-time. It can erase centimeters of the areas treated and the appearance of cellulite is noticeably improved in only 6 to 8 treatment sessions.

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