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Review -Diens was uitstekend!
Reviewed on 19 September 2014 by Anonymous

Tammy se diens was uitstekend. Sy (en die res van die personeel) is bitter vriendelik en baie professioneel. Dankie!

Review -Extremely Capable!
Reviewed on 11 September 2014 by Anonymous

I can highly recomment Tammy - She is a very good therapist!She is proud of her work and extremely capable. She is a lovely nature and is a real people's person!

Review -Patient, kind and professional
Reviewed on 23 September 2014 by Anonymous

I have been a client of Tammy's for the past 2 yeas. I have built up a very nice and comforting relationship with Tammy, who has always been patient, kind and professional. Advice given regarding products has also been spot on I can recommend her with confidence!

Review -Peels and Laser Genesis review
Reviewed on 6 April 2018 by Lesego

The staff are very professional. My therapist is very good. She knows what she is doing and is very professional.

Review -Weight Loss Body Renewal
Reviewed on 19 April 2018 by Anonymous

Excellent, it has been life changing for me. The nurse is an insperation and the staff are amazing.

I look forward to seeing them every 2 weeks.

Thank you

Review -New Body, New Confidence
Reviewed on 30 March 2018 by Anonymous

Serena not only provided me with the motivation and tools I wanted for my weight loss programme, she also provided me with the inspiration, confidence and support I needed.

Serena worked with me every step of the way, she was there through celebrations and commiserations.

The whole branch seemed to be there, backing me to achieve what I wanted to achieve!

Sharon Izak Elaine ) WhatsApp