Serums & Topical Ingredients

At Skin Renewal, we like to tailor our treatment solutions to specifically target our patients’ main concerns. One of the ways in which we customise our treatments, thereby offering effective, targeted results, is by including active topical ingredients to give our patients the best results possible.

Our active serums and topical ingredients include:

  • Lamelle SRS Growth Factor Serum – excellent for anti-ageing, wrinkle reduction, healing and skin rejuvenation.
  • Lamelle SRS HA Serum – a concentrated hyaluronic acid serum to give the skin maximum hydration.
  • TA Serum – TA solution contains Tranexamic acid, which is excellent for the treatment and prevention of superficial pigmentation.
  • Silkpeel Lumixyl – an active, concentrated serum form of the well-known topical Lumixyl cream, specifically used to treat all types of pigmentation
  • Silkpeel HA – combined with treatments such as transdermal mesotherapy or PDT, this serum is formulated to increase skin hydration.
  • Silkpeel Vit C – often added to pigmentation treatments to increase skin brightening, or to anti-ageing treatment to act as a powerful anti-oxidant.
  • Silkpeel Salicylic – excellent for the treatment of oily, congested, acne-prone skin.
  • Lycoderm Couperose – specially designed to calm and soothe red, sensitive skins. The active ingredients in this topical preparation also strengthen fragile, sensitive skins to target the causes of redness and sensitivity.
  • Teana D6 Panthenol – this serum is excellent for dry, damaged, sensitive skins in need of soothing and healing. Excellent as a barrier repairing treatment.
  • Teana D2 Instant Lift – this active serum is a great anti-ageing cocktail. Excellent to include after superficial resurfacing treatments to give the skin an instant healthy, hydrated glow.
  • Teana A1 Couperosis Serum – specially designed to target redness and sensitivity, this serum is a fantastic add on option for all patients struggling with Rosacea.
  • Teana A4 HA Serum – in our hot, dry South African climate, there is rarely a skin that cannot do with more hydration. This gentle HA serum is an excellent hydrating option easily added to any treatment solution.
  • Teana B4 Express Soothing Serum – specially formulated for sore, uncomfortable, inflamed skin conditions, this serum is excellent for acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.
  • Teana C1 Skin Radiance (Pigmentation) Serum – this formulation is specifically designed to boost any pigmentation treatment and prevent the recurrence of superficial pigmentation.
  • Teana D3 Collagen Serum - excellent for mature, sun damaged skins, the collagen serum is both hydrating and repairing.
  • Teana E1 Vitamin Cocktail Serum – a fantastic add on to any anti-ageing treatment, the unique blend of HA and vitamins is designed to be an excellent topical anti-oxidant for the skin.
  • Lycoderm Radiance – a blend of pigment preventing and pigment targeting ingredients, a brilliant booster to all pigmentation and sun damage treatments.

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