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Dr. Maureen Allem

Dr. Maureen Allem

MBBCh. Bsc. Med. (Wits)

Dr Maureen has over 25 years of experience in aesthetic and holistic medicine and procedures, and that's just for starters. She is a sought-after speaker on anti-ageing and non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques, body sculpting, weight loss and health. Dr Maureen has also appeared on TV and radio discussing non-surgical aesthetic solutions, and her educational videos are available on Skin Renewals' social media pages (@SkinRenewalSA / @drMaureenAllem).

Recognised as a doyenne in the medical aesthetics industry, she is often contacted for advice and comment in South Africa's major publications and radio stations. She is a founding Member of the AASSA (Aesthetic and Anti-aging Society of South Africa), a Member of WOOSAM, and is HPCA registered.

Dr Maureen oversees all 18 Skin Renewal clinics by rotationally travelling between them and spends months training every Skin Renewal doctor using the same techniques she has spent years honing. To stay abreast of the most up-to-date non-surgical procedures, Dr Maureen frequently travels abroad, attending the likes of the World Anti-ageing Congresses and Laser Forums. When she's not researching new aesthetic and functional medicine, you'll find her interior decorating (especially when it relates to Skin Renewal clinics ), following and exploring fashion trends and gardening, upskilling her social media skills and spending time with her family, which bring her immense joy.

She truly is a life-long learner. She was asked recently on a SABC program what legacy she wants to leave... to which she responded: "DO SOMETHING WORTHWHILE and MAKE A DIFFERENCE". Dr Maureen has undoubtedly lived up to this mantra. Skin Renewal has come a long way since its inception in 2005. With 18 Skin Renewal clinics handling 10,000 transactions a month across South Africa, it's hard to believe that, in the early 80s, Dr Maureen decided to put her career aspirations on hold. Four years later, she realised her mistake and completed her medical degree the hard way with two toddlers under three. The medical dean told her that she would never cope with completing a medical degree with two young children. An enduring quality of Dr Maureen is her determination. Although she recognised the challenge of juggling a career while raising children, she was determined to make a difference and transform lives.

The ten years that followed were tough. "After a decade of running a medical ward in a provincial hospital, it was time for a change." Dr Maureen found this change in the executive health field, where she spent seven years doing annual medicals and lifestyle assessments for top executives nationally. However, the real, soul-deep fulfilment she craved still proved elusive. During a routine lunch with her sisters in 2001, she found a magazine article featuring a public figure who had had Botox. "It was the 'A-ha!' moment I'd been waiting for," recalls Dr Maureen. "Botox was relatively unheard of back then, and my instincts told me it would be a winner. So, I arranged a Botox treatment with a plastic surgeon for myself and my four sisters, after which I thought I could do this. Some people would call it the tipping point. It happens unexpectedly but goes on to completely change and transform your business and your life."

Inspired by non-surgical aesthetics and increasingly interested in the use of non-invasive treatments to rejuvenate the face, Dr Maureen tracked down the South African distributor, underwent training in Belgium with the top injector in Europe, Dr Koen de Boulle, and promptly set up an aesthetics practice; in her home. On Dr Maureen's return from Belgium, local distributors of Botox and Juvederm invited her to train other medical doctors in this new discipline. As a result, Dr Maureen was one of the first doctors in South Africa to train other doctors on basic and advanced Botox and filler procedures.

What began as doing Botox and dermal fillers for a handful of patients quickly grew, as demand did, compelling Dr Maureen to open her first aesthetic centre - Skin Renewal in Rivonia. Skin Renewal was born with an offering of anti-ageing injectables, peels, lasers, a medical weight loss program, and other cutting-edge therapies such as transdermal mesotherapy and carboxytherapy.


Realising that physical appearance is only one part of the total picture of health, and that it's essential to address the inside as well as the outside of the human body, Dr Maureen started to offer a holistic approach to anti-ageing in 2013 and was an integral part of the team that incorporated a functional approach to anti ageing in all the doctor's consultation across Skin Renewal South Africa. With her passion for aesthetics, functional medicine and personal transformational journeys, "It's always a privilege and a JOY to be able to transfer my knowledge to Skin Renewal doctors, health coaches and staff so that they can inspire and educate any patient that allows us to be of service to them. And now, with social media, my team and I can reach many more people. As our very own Nelson Mandela said, "Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world."

Giving back and CSI are key values of Skin Renewal. A woman of integrity and kindness, Dr Maureen engenders these values in the Skin Renewal family. She works closely with each Skin Renewal clinic on their desire to uplift the wider community and its beneficiaries in a sustainable and relevant way.

Dr Maureen appreciates her journey to get 'here' and says, "It's been a journey to get here. All of us as women need to believe in ourselves. I feel fortunate to be able to influence my incredible Skin Renewal family positively; my work is my passion, and it's a beautiful thing to have come full circle. The years of hard slog have parlayed into a vocation that marries the service of my medical expertise with the ethos to make people feel good from the inside out. I really couldn't ask for more", says Dr Maureen.

Dr Maureen lives with her partner, Victor, and has two grown-up children, Peter and Catherine, who live and work in London, and four grandchildren, who bring Dr Maureen endless joy and light.