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Farai Muringai
Head Office

Farai Muringai

Farai Muringai obtained his Business Management and Administration Diploma from Cambridge Business College in the UK. He is also a student member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and Accountants of South Africa, (ICBA).

Farai worked for Unilever Zimbabwe as a Brand Marketing Assistant and was mainly tasked with Statistics processing, thereafter worked at Trade Fairs and Agricultural shows arrangements.

Later in life, Farai joined Honey Bags(Pty) Ltd, working as a Creditors Controller, processing suppliers invoices and compiling payments lists. and in 2007 joined Lemco Supermarkets and Butcheries, worked as a Manager where he was responsible for management duties and reporting to Directors.

Then in 2009, Farai moved to South Africa and joined Skin Renewal CC, working as an Administration Clerk. Farai is currently studying to obtain a higher qualification as a Financial Accountant through the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and Accountants, (ICBA).