Victor Snyders Architect, B.Com, MBA

Head Office

Victor Snyders is an entrepreneur and student of life.

He is a qualified Architect and also studied towards a B.Com degree and an MBA. He also has a post-graduate degree from the University of Life…

After 20 years in the corporate world and owning his own businesses, he realised that business is sick and in a state of imbalance because they are still male dominated. It's no secret that women have had to play a certain game to make it in the business world, i.e. be the overpowering boss, dress down their femininity, or abide by the rules of a hierarchical structure. This needs to be addressed and the entire approach needs to be re-evaluated.

Victor is the CEO of Skin, Body & Health Renewal and partner to Dr Maureen Allem, the founder of this highly successful holistic and integrative anti-aging company. He is the Bold and she is the Beautiful, she is the Beauty and he is the Beast…they are a cohesive unit and the perfect example of male and female energy in balance.

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