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Bianca Nortjé

Bianca Nortjé


Bianca's story is one of passion and dedication in the beauty and aesthetics industry. Raised in the coastal city of Port Elizabeth, she laid her foundational skills at the Total Concept Beauty Academy, graduating in 2008. Bianca's approachable nature and expert skills quickly made her a favourite at a local salon, where she worked for seven years, building a loyal and fond clientele.

Seeking to expand her expertise, Bianca joined Body Renewal, which is known for its innovative skincare approaches. Her commitment to each patient, hard work, and organisational skills quickly established her as a reliable and trusted beauty therapist.

Bianca's career took a significant turn when she became part of the Brooklyn team, swiftly gaining patients' trust. Her journey led her to Cape Town, where she now enhances the vibrant Paarl clinic with her skills and dedication. Bianca's journey from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town is a testament to her relentless pursuit of excellence and ability to make a lasting impact in beauty therapy.