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Candace Buchanan

Candace Buchanan

Somatology - SAASP, CIDESO, ITEC

Candace firmly upholds the philosophy that the odyssey of beauty commences within the confines of one's mind, undergoing a fascinating transformation through life's various phases and nuances. 

She pursued her education at the esteemed Camelot International, where she diligently completed her coursework and was awarded her Diploma in Health and Skincare.

With a decade's experience in the health and skincare sector, Candace has garnered a profound understanding of the body's internal necessities for achieving a life filled with quality, longevity, and joy. She approaches patient care with the utmost attention and finds immense fulfilment in aiding her patients to attain their desired results through holistic methods.

Recognising that beauty holds a unique and personal definition for each individual, Candace is committed to assisting her patients in discovering and embracing their interpretation of beauty. She is eager to guide them through their skincare journey at Body Renewal Umhlanga, ensuring a supportive and personalised experience every step of the way.