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Chantal Pillay

Chantal Pillay

Introducing Chantal Pillay, a compassionate professional whose journey began with a postgraduate Degree in Psychology, igniting her fascination with self-perception. Transitioning seamlessly into the dynamic world of aesthetics, Chantal's academic foundation was further enriched by a Diploma in International Skin and Health from the esteemed Beauty Specialist Training Centre.

Driven by a commitment to humanitarian values, Chantal infuses her experience in medical aesthetics with a nurturing and empathetic approach. Recognised for cultivating an atmosphere of joy and positivity, she prioritises patient well-being above all else. Chantal's passion for health and wellness shines through her dedication to patient education and counselling, ensuring each individual embarks on their aesthetic journey feeling empowered and well-informed.

Now an integral part of the Body Renewal Durban team, Chantal seamlessly merges her expertise with her innate ability to create a serene and comforting environment. Her calm and reassuring presence fosters a harmonious space where outer beauty and inner well-being converge, guiding patients toward renewed confidence and vitality.