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Charlé Grobler

Charlé Grobler

Somatology - CIDESCO

Charlé, a distinguished Somatology Diploma graduate from Isa Carstens Academy, Stellenbosch, excelled in her field by securing top practical student honours in 2018 and achieving her international CIDESCO certification. Her academic journey began at Durbanville High School, where she matriculated in 2015, laying the foundation for her impressive somatology and medical aesthetics career.

During her intensive three-year program, Charlé demonstrated exceptional theoretical knowledge, earning her a runner-up position in the top theory award category in 2018. A prestigious internship at Skin Renewal, a leading centre in medical aesthetic treatments, marked her final year. This experience enriched her understanding of non-surgical aesthetic solutions and advanced treatment technologies, positioning her as a knowledgeable professional in the medical aesthetics field.

Charlé's passion for patient interaction and dedication to the aesthetics industry shines through in her role. Initially joining the Willowbridge clinic as a skilled therapist, her talents quickly led to a promotion within the leadership team as a desk assistant. Her enthusiasm for working with a team of equally passionate professionals reflects her commitment to delivering exceptional client experiences in the aesthetic industry.

After stepping away from her role at Body Renewal, she dedicated a significant part of a year to exploring various countries and immersing herself in diverse cultural experiences.

Equipped with her expanded experience, she has recently returned to Body Renewal Constantia, taking on the role of co-leader.