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Joy Pretorius

Joy Pretorius

Somatology - CIDESCO

Joy's journey is a story of passion, change, and dedication. Born and raised in the vibrant city of Bloemfontein, she completed her schooling with a keen interest in understanding the human mind. Initially drawn to Psychology and Criminology, Joy pursued a B Soc SC degree at the University of the Freestate. However, her career path took an exciting turn when she discovered her true calling in somatology, leading her to the Central University of Technology.

Joy's fascination with skincare and aesthetics brought her to the forefront of the industry. Starting as a skincare therapist, her relentless dedication and love for skincare saw her rise through the ranks, managing various concept stores. Her journey in skincare marks a growing passion and an unending desire to learn and excel.

In October 2021, Joy embarked on a new chapter with Body Renewal. Here, she combines her extensive knowledge and experience in skincare with cutting-edge aesthetic techniques. Joy is more than just a skincare expert; she's a trusted advisor who understands each client's unique beauty and skincare needs. 

At Body Renewal, Joy continues to make a profound impact, helping patients achieve their skincare goals and embracing the ever-evolving world of aesthetics.