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Lourita Louw

Lourita Louw

Somatology - CIDESCO, SAAHSP, ITEC, Moderators and Facilitators Certificate

Lourita embarked on her journey in somatology in 2009, laying the foundation for a remarkable career ahead. Her dedication and commitment to her craft led her to earn prestigious qualifications from CIDESCO, marking her as a standout in her field.

After her studies, Lourita's adventurous spirit took her to the high seas, where she shared her expertise with cruise liners and explored the captivating landscapes of South America. During these travels, she discovered her deep interest in medical aesthetics, sparking a fervent passion within her.

Upon her return home in 2012, Lourita forged a pivotal partnership with a medical doctor. She delved deeper into the realm of medical aesthetics and honed her skills alongside a seasoned professional. This symbiotic collaboration fueled her ambition, propelling her towards her next endeavour as a national marketer and trainer for Willa Krause.

In February 2017, Lourita embarked on a new chapter in her career by joining the esteemed ranks of Body Renewal. Here, she found the perfect platform to expand her knowledge and expertise in a deeply fascinating field. Her insatiable thirst for learning and growth drives her to delve deeper into the intricacies of medical aesthetics with each passing day.