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Moleboheng Motaung

Moleboheng Motaung


Moleboheng is from the quaint town of Warden, where she spent her early years before moving to Pretoria in 2018 to pursue her passion in Somatology. She studied at Camelot International, earning national and international qualifications by 2021. 

Following her studies, Moleboheng embarked on an international adventure for over a year, which ultimately reinforced her love for the aesthetic industry.

While Moleboheng has a keen interest in beading as a hobby, her true passion is skincare. She finds immense joy in witnessing the happiness and confidence that emerge on a person's face when they see improvements in their skin.

Known for her passion, uniqueness, and friendly nature, Moleboheng is a visionary in her field, always seeking to inspire and bring about positive change through her expertise in skincare.