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Monique De Vos

Monique De Vos

Somatology - ITEC

Monique's journey is a tale of passion, exploration, and fulfilment, deeply rooted in the vibrant culture and scenic beauty of Cape Town, a place she proudly calls home. From a young age, Monique was drawn to the skincare world, finding immense joy in assisting others to overcome their skin concerns. This deep-seated passion steered her towards a dedicated career in the aesthetic industry, where she has been able to touch many lives.

Her professional path is marked by diverse experiences, starting with her time at various esteemed spas across the picturesque Cape region. Seeking adventure and personal growth, Monique embarked on an exciting chapter aboard cruise ships with Steiner for five years. This period was a kaleidoscope of enriching experiences, exposing her to many cultures, cuisines, and people from all walks of life, all while fulfilling her love for travel.

The journey at sea further cemented Monique's love for her profession. Upon returning to her beloved Cape Town, she joined the team at Body Renewal Claremont in 2022. Here, Monique's extensive experience and deep empathy have made her an invaluable part of the team. She is most content in witnessing the joy and confidence that blooms on her patient's faces as they progress through their skincare journeys.

In a recent and exciting development, Monique has taken her skills and passion to a new level by joining the Body Renewal Constantia team as a therapist. In this role, she dedicates herself to helping others achieve their skincare goals, leveraging her rich experiences and deep understanding of aesthetic beauty to provide unparalleled care. Monique's story is one of unwavering dedication to her craft and the joy of making a difference in the lives of others, one patient at a time.