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Nadine Perumal

Nadine Perumal

Somatolgoy - SAAHSP, ITEC

Nadine, an accomplished Somatologist, embarked on her educational journey in Shakaskraal, culminating in her enrollment in 2011. Boasting over ten years of rich experience in the skincare sector, she has solidified her reputation as a skilled and knowledgeable professional in her field.

Her career significantly turned in 2018 when she began collaborating with medical aesthetic doctors. This role has allowed her to deeply engage with patients and guide them toward achieving remarkable transformations. Nadine is unwavering in her commitment to providing exceptional patient service, nurturing solid and meaningful relationships with her clients, and ensuring they see real, tangible results from their treatments.

In her current role as a branch co-leader at Body Renewal Umhlanga, Nadine thrives in a vibrant and diverse environment, dedicating herself to addressing her patients' skincare and body-related concerns. Her passion for helping others and extensive knowledge and experience make her an invaluable team member.