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Prudence Tsatsi

Prudence Tsatsi

Somatology - ITEC

Prudence Tsatsi's passion for skin health led her to the renowned International Academy of Health and Skincare. In 2012, she graduated with honours, securing her esteemed international qualification, ITEC.

Throughout her academic journey, Prudence commenced her hands-on experience amidst the serene settings of various elite spas in Sandton, diligently serving as a student therapist. Venturing into entrepreneurship, she founded her own mobile beauty salon. This became a beacon for her expertise in makeup application, and she further expanded her reach by hosting insightful workshops dedicated to the beauty industry.

Joining forces with her husband in their family businesses, Prudence showcased her multifaceted skills as an office assistant. Her innate flair for organization and creativity was highlighted as she orchestrated and hosted numerous company events. This chapter of her professional life took her on extensive travels across the majestic landscapes of Africa.

Since 2013, Prudence has been a devoted patron of Body Renewal. She finds solace in her monthly treatments, each session enriched by the expertise of renowned doctors & medical therapists at Skin Renewal. With an insatiable curiosity, she continually dives into the world of new skincare products, enthusiastically embraces cutting-edge technologies, and is keen on innovative treatments. 

Prudence envisions a world where everyone embarks on their unique skin and health journey, experiencing the sheer joy she feels, and she aspires to provide unparalleled service as a therapist of Body Renewal.