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Rochelle Singh

Rochelle Singh

Cosmetology - SETA

Born and raised in the picturesque province of KZN, Rochelle embarked on a journey that led her to acquire a coveted national diploma in Cosmetology. Her passion and skills quickly paved the way for the commencement of her professional journey in KZN. Yet, the lure of broader horizons beckoned, and she transitioned to the vibrant city of Johannesburg. 

But the world had more in store for Rochelle. She soon found herself sailing the azure waters of the Caribbean, working on luxury cruise liners and immersing herself in diverse cultures and experiences. Upon returning to Johannesburg, she graced some of the city's most opulent five-star spas with her expertise. Starting as a dedicated therapist, her exemplary leadership qualities didn't go unnoticed. In no time, she was entrusted with the role of acting spa manager, a testament to her unparalleled skills and dedication.

Rochelle is a harmonious blend of determination and vivacity. A naturally gregarious individual, she thrives in social settings, always bringing warmth and laughter to those around her. She possesses an unwavering belief in excellence and ensures that everything she undertakes reflects her commitment and passion. She co-leads the esteemed Body Renewal branch in Morningside, continuing to inspire and make a difference.