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Tanusha Kuni

Tanusha Kuni

Somatology - City & Guilds

With a solid educational foundation from the prestigious City and Guild International College in aesthetics skincare, Tanusha stands as a luminary in her field. With an incredible term of over 15 years in the industry, her profound knowledge seamlessly interweaves her comprehensive studies with invaluable hands-on experience.

Tanusha's passion for her craft is palpable. She remains enchanted by the dynamic ebb and flow of industry trends and is ever-eager to immerse herself in its evolving nuances. For Tanusha, the beauty and aesthetics sector isn't just a profession; it's a lifelong journey.

She ardently believes that to truly make a transformative impact in people's lives, one must be dedicated to continuous learning and personal evolution. This unwavering commitment, coupled with a deep-seated passion for skin, drives her to elevate every client experience, ensuring they not only look but also feel their very best.