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Yolanda Mnisi

Yolanda Mnisi

Somatology - ITEC

Yolanda Mnisi, a standout talent from the heart of Mpumalanga, embarked on her urban adventure in 2019 when she transitioned to the bustling metropolis of Johannesburg. Immersing herself in beauty and aesthetics, Yolanda enrolled at the esteemed Pyramid Beauty School, dedicating two transformative years to mastering her craft. Not one to rest on her laurels, she ventured further into academic excellence by joining the prestigious Hydro International College. By 2021, Yolanda emerged with a Diploma in Somatology and distinguished ITEC qualifications.

That same year, Yolanda initiated her professional journey at a prominent slimming clinic, where she shared her expertise for several months. By 2022, a distinguished laser treatment centre in Fairlands also benefit from her meticulous skills. Her relentless pursuit of excellence subsequently brought her to Skin Renewal in July 2023, heralding a new and exciting phase in her illustrious career.

Yolanda envisions a future where her growth aligns with the ever-evolving world of medical aesthetic treatments, collaborating closely with medical maestros. She is rooted in the belief that, as a somatologist, it's not just a job but a sacred duty to underline the significance of holistic skin and body care. 

By offering personalised, results-driven treatments and insightful guidance, Yolanda is committed to addressing and alleviating the unique concerns of her clientele. Her passion is to enhance beauty and educate and empower her patients in their journey to radiant well-being.