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VelaShape II Treatments are available in Johannesburg at the Illovo, Fourways & Parkhurst branch and Kwa-Zulu Natal in Umhlanga as well as in the Western Cape at Cape Quarter, Constantia and Willowbridge.

Body Renewal announces the arrival of the Velashape™ II by Syneron, the next generation of the Velashape™ device. A four-in-one treatment, Velashape™ is the first and only non-surgical FDA-cleared medical device for the Body Reshaping market using Circumferential Reduction. Velashape™ is also the first FDA class II cleared platform for Cellulite Treatment.

As we age, our imperfections turn into multi-layered problems. Velashape™ with its combination of infrared and conducted RF energies precisely heats the dermal and the hypodermal tissue within the target treatment area and reduces the size of the actual fat cells in the treated area. Vacuum and specially designed rollers for the Mechanical Massage smooth out the skin to facilitate safe and efficient heat energy delivery. This combination of Radio frequency and infra-red light (Elos™), aids in new collagen remodeling to tighten sagging and loose skin. Lymphatic drainage is also increased.

The sooner these procedures are started to improve collagen levels, the better the long term outcome.

The various Vela™- machines treat:

  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen
  • Saddle Bags
  • Love Handles
  • Bra Bulges
  • Bat Wings
  • Cauliflower knees
  • Double Chin & Jowels

The latest treatments involve combinations that are more effective than ever and treatments should be started before the problem area deteriorates to a level which is more resistant to treatment. Velashape™ stimulates the fibroblasts to produce collagen, which is the major support structure for the skin and Velashape™ also reduces the fat content of the skin. The sooner one starts with preventative treatment, the better the body will age.

Yes, At Body Renewal Velashape™ is commonly performed with 3D Body Rejuvenation™, Lipodissolve, Transdermal mesotherapy and Carboxytherapy treatments for best non surgical results.

Your treatment program and duration will be discussed in your one-on-one consultation with your Body Renewal Doctor, and this will depend on your goals, age, problem area and expectations.

At Body Renewal numerous Velashape™ treatments have been administered to our patients with great results with virtually no side effects. If you are prone to bruising, slight redness of the skin post treatment may occur which resolves without any consequences.

Yes, Velashape™ safely treats all skin types without significant pain or down-time. The only patients who cannot be treated are pregnant females or patients with pace makers, or any form of cancer.

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Review -Great treatments!
Reviewed on 10 September 2014 by Debbie Pearlman

Great treatments, Early stages so success thereof still to be seen, as only 2 treatments had. Lovely warm stuff. A very professional operation.

Review -Very happy with my therapist!
Reviewed on 9 September 2014 by Dafne Kyriarov

Always very happy with my therapist and my experience at Skin Renewal Irene.

Review -Great ambiance!
Reviewed on 23 October 2014 by Mrs E. R. Constantia

The ambiance of Body Renewal Constantia is great, and the staff are brilliant and very efficient. My therapist who performed the Velashape treatments with great success.

Review -Excellent branch!
Reviewed on 3 September 2014 by Anonymous

Body Renewal Constantia is an excellent branch and my therapist is brilliant. The Velashape and Carboxy treatments have given me great fat reduction results.

Review -Overall a very good experience
Reviewed on 15 December 2014 by A.N From Umhlanga

The treatment and service is very professional. The staff is very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this clinic to other people.

Review -Highly impressed!
Reviewed on 13 October 2015 by S.V from Willowbridge

I received 8 x Velasmooth treatments and 2 x Carboxytherapy from Charleen Liebenberg and was highly impressed by her professionality, knowledge, kindness and proper way of treatment. She is an asset to the company and would refer more clients definitely to her. She could answer all my questions, made me feel at ease and most of all made it an extremely pleasant experience!!!

Review -Charleen: Velasmooth Treatment!
Reviewed on 13 November 2015 by Liza-Mari Du Plessis

I went for a total of 8 Velasmooth treatments and after the first one I knew Charleen would be my preferred therapist for the rest of them. Always friendly, always professional and even patient enough for me to let my 2 year old tag along to 4 of my treatments. Overall I'm very happy; both with my amazing results and with Skin Renewal Willowbridge.

Review -Wouldn't go to anyone else!
Reviewed on 4 November 2015 by Y.N from Cape Quarter

I've been coming to Skin Renewal for about a year after a very dubious Oros-man experience at another spa. My colour is always perfect and even. I brought my sister, my mom and my cousin here just before my sister's wedding with full confidence of a stunning result!

Review -Very pleasant!
Reviewed on 22 December 2015 by Amanda Colombo

Charleen is a regular therapist of mine. My experience with her is always very pleasant. She is well experienced and knowledgable and always extremely friendly, considerate and professional. My experience with her is always a good one!

Review -Fantastic and Kind!
Reviewed on 29 December 2015 by Beatri Meyer

I had a fantastic and kind treatment with Charleen! Very professional and knowledgeable. Will recommend her to anybody as a professional. Thank you for being so accommodating!

Review -Always great, professional & knowledgeable!
Reviewed on 11 February 2016 by C.S from Fourways

Bev is always great, professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Cellulite seems to be improving too!