While there are many changes that occur in the face as we age, one of the most bothersome to many patients and one of the first areas to show signs of ageing is the changes that occur in the neck.

Even so, most women often place such focus on treating the skin on their face, that they neglect this prominent region, leading to mismatched skin appearance.

Sun damage together with prolonged perfume application are the most profound factors in the ageing of the neck. Signs of an ageing neck are: horizontal wrinkles, actinic bronzing (permanently bronzed skin), reddened skin (poikiloderma), age spots, the development of vertical neck bands, loose sagging skin, loss of a good sharp neck angle and the development of a double chin or turkey neck. Fine textural lines scattered over the surface are partly due to the loss of collagen's integrity. Finally, there is also laxity from the loss of elastic fibres.

In the male, the ageing neck poses some different issues. They often have more skin excess and the facelift incisions that are used in females have to be altered to account for the male beard pattern. In addition, males have a much greater tendency towards some relapse after facelift surgery due to their thicker and heavier skin. Men also have a much greater aversion to major facelift surgery and may opt for non-surgical tightening procedures such as 3 D Skin Rejuvenation with Titan®™, Pearl Fusion andother Radiofrequency Treatments.

At Body Renewal, our neck rejuvenation treatments offer a solution to those looking to restore a youthful appearance to their neck. As an ageing neck is a multi-layered problem, the packages offer a combination of treatments that will treat all of the ageing problems mentioned above.

At Body Renewal, we offer topical therapies to treat the discolouration and skin rejuvenation of ageing necks.

In addition to topical therapies, our neck rejuvenation in office treatments offer a solution to those looking to restore a youthful appearance to their necks. A highly professional team, led by a medical doctor, assesses every patient and an appropriate combination treatment package, together with a long term maintenance program is recommended. Every client is provided with a fully customised solution dependent on expectations, budget, time and medical conditions.

Body Renewal Tip:

To instantly refresh crêpey looking necks, a Radio Frequency treatment will tighten sagging skin and improve the circulation and stimulate collagen production. The treatment takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes and is likened to a warm massage.

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