Body Renewal Tip: At Body Renewal Juvéderm treatments have been safely combined with our non-surgical treatments. After consultation with the aesthetic Doctor, a package with a customized solution according to your needs and budget will be recommended. As best results are usually seen after 6 to 8 treatments every client is provided with a yearlong solution dependent on budget and expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Juvederm ® injectable gel is a colorless hyaluronic acid gel that is injected into facial tissue to smooth wrinkles and folds, especially around the nose and mouth. It can also be used to volumise the hands, and neck.

Juvéderm ® Ultra injectable gel temporarily adds volume to facial tissue and restores a smoother appearance to the face.

Your skin is constantly under attack. Wind, sun, cold, pollution, fatigue, emotional changes, hormonal swings, and the simple passage of time all combine to wear away at its structure. And if that's not enough, your skin's natural moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid HA inevitably declines with age. This inevitable moisture loss creates lines around your lips and nose and reduces fullness around your cheek, jaw and lips, giving us an older, more tired look.

Fortunately, the Juvéderm ® range range of products can replace your skin's lost HA, moisturizing your skin from the inside and helping to give it elasticity and tone. It can quickly restore your skin's lost volume and smooth away those facial lines. And, with its added anaesthetic in the Ultra range, you'll have the most comfortable treatment experience possible.

The Juvéderm®group of dermal fillers are designed to:

  • Smooth away wrinkles;
  • Create fuller lips and overall restore the youthful 3-dimensional contour of the face;
  • Enhance facial contours;
  • Rejuvenate skin on the face, neck, décolleté and hands,
  • Volume restoration can elevate cheeks and jowls and give a non-surgical “face lift”.

Juvéderm ® is a crystal clear gel that is injected into the skin (or for some treatments just under) in small amounts to restore volume and structure. It is made from hyaluronic acid, similar to the body’s own hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acid in Juvéderm® is non-animal which means that no skin tests are needed and that there is a minimal risk of allergic or hyper-sensitive reactions. The unique process that is applied in the production of Juvéderm® gives the product a great capacity for creating volume, a long residence time in the skin and natural results.

The results of a treatment with Juvéderm ® are long-lasting, without being permanent, giving you the freedom of choice to maintain the effect. A treatment with Juvéderm® will generally last 6-12 months, and with only one re-treatment the effect has in a recent clinical study been shown to last up to 18 months. To maintain the results in the lips, a re-treatment is usually needed within 6 months.

The effect and safety of Juvéderm® beauty products have also been proven in numerous clinical studies.

There are many Juvéderm® category of fillers depending on the area to be treated or enhanced:

The different Juvéderm® fillers used at Body Renewal are: Juvéderm Ultra 2, Juvéderm Ultra 4, Voluma, Volift and Juvé derm Hydrate.

The choice of Juvederm filler depends on the area to be treated, and will be discussed with you during your consultation with a experienced Body Renewal Doctor.

Juvéderm ® Ultra range contains a built in local anaesthetic to its formula. Now patients can opt for a virtually pain free treatment experience. In addition there is less bruising that occurs with the Ultra range than with traditional HA fillers.

The process in the manufacturing of Juvéderm® results in a high concentration of cross linked particles which increases the longevity of the product so the effects are longer lasting. In addition the cross linked particles translate to a gel which means that the filler feels very soft to the touch once injected.

At Body Renewal Juvéderm ® dermal fillers are commonly performed at the same visit as Botox. This is known as the The Liquid Facelift. Botox helps with the upper one-third of the face whereas injectable fillers generally help with the lower two-thirds. The combination is one of the most widely used and most effective methods of achieving a significant aesthetic improvement within 1-2 weeks time and can be used on all skin types. Dermal fillers can also be used in conjunction with other treatment modalities to improve the appearance of ageing hands, neck and decolléte.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally occurring substance in the body; it's actually a type of sugar. So the product itself is very safe to add to the skin. It has been used for a number of medical applications for many years including joint problems, eye conditions as well as skin lifting. Juvéderm® has FDA approval .

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Review -Dr Maureen "Amazing Lady"
Reviewed on 15 November 2014 by Bev Jones

Every-time I come for my treatment with you, it is so definitely not a "treatment". I have always felt when I come into your room it's like visiting my very best friend or sister - who totally understands where I am coming from it is the "sister -look" of encouraging one another. Bringing something so wonderful into my life. I am a confident 60 year old because of what you bring into my life. Lots of love to you all.

Sharon Izak Elaine Chat staff ) WhatsApp