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Cecarrelli Fat Lipolysis is a new innovative fat lipolysis Mesotherapy solution formulated in the research laboratory of Professor C Ceccarelli, a regenerative and physiological scientist in Rome, Italy.

1. At Body Renewal we use the safe, new Ceccarelli fat lipolysis for fat dissolving

2. This revolutionary fat dissolving treatments is compounded in a sterile compounding laboratory and is 100% compliant with DOH regulations

3. This fat dissolving treatment is only scripted by our doctors after a medical consultation

4. Treatments with Ceccarelli are extremely safe as it uses a physiological solution of Vit C and Fe (Iron)

5. Ceccarelli treatments are administers by our experienced doctors and not by unqualified personnel such as beauty therapists or gym instructors.

6. Results are see after 1 day and improve over the next 2 weeks

7. No or minimal swelling in the treated area after Ceccarelli fat lipolysis compared to PC/Deoxycholate injections which can cause massive swelling after treatments

8. No severe, nasty side effects such as fat and skin necrosis which can happen with Phospahtidyl Cholne PPC / Depxycholate due to the high concentrations of Deoxycholate objects by unqualified personnel. Deoxycholate in high concentrations, ruptures the cell membrane and results in the instantaneous release of potentially harmful enzymes and inflammatory mediators.

9. Treatments results are far superior to any other fat lipolysis with PPC/ Deoxycholate treatments

10. Only 1 to 3 treatments are necessary compared to other fat lipolysis treatments which need at least 6 to 8 treatments to get the same results with potential side effects.

The Ceccarelli solution is a safer option for fat dissolving and has minimal side affects, less swelling and gives better results than the PPC/ Deoxycholate

Only qualified and experienced medical doctors administer this treatment

The new Ceccarelli solution uses the Fenton reaction/metabolism to enable the aesthetic practitioner to re-sculpt the contours of the face and body using a solution made up of Vit C and Fe. The Ceccarelli lipolytic solution, when injected, acts on the fat cells and causes a process of natural fat cell death (also called fat cell apoptosis).

This new aesthetic treatment is physiological and regenerative in nature. It works in tandem with processes naturally employed by the human body. Being physiological these treatments appeal to doctors as they represent the highest levels of effectiveness and safety.

Because it is a physiological treatment method it is considered to be safe. Patients with allergies to Vit C and iron should not be considered for this treatment.

Cecarrelli Fat Lipolysis also uses a Mesotherapy solution of Vit C combined with minute portion of Fe which will not harm the body and does not cause the major swelling and inflammation that occurs after PC/ Deoxycholate injections. In addition, the results for fat dissolving from the Ceccarelli solution are far superior.

This depends on the amount of fat in the area that needs to be dissolved. Usually 2 to 3 treatments are necessary if there is a moderate amount of resistant fat. The advantage of this treatment is that 4 x the amount of vials/mls (compared to PC) can be injected in each procedure as it only causes minimal swelling after the procedure.

With the Ceccarelli fat lipolysis treatment, less sessions are needed as opposed to the traditional PC/ Deoxycholate fat lipolysis which needs 6 to 8 treatments to get the same result.

Treatments can be repeated every 2 to 4 weeks. In most cases, one treatment is sufficient but up to 3 treatments can be necessary over a 6 to 8 week period.

There are no major side effects after Ceccarelli lipolysis as the treatments is physiological. After the treatment there may be bruising (due to the injections) and very mild swelling.

Fat reduction results are evident the very next day, but the best results are seen after 2 weeks.

Injections with Ceccarelli Solution should not be seen as an alternative to liposuction. The maximum volume to be injected at a single session is 200 ml. No area on the body larger than two hands should be treated using Ceccarelli. It is not a weight loss treatment, neither is it a treatment for obesity. Large fat collections (e.g. a huge tummy) is a contra indication for use.

Ideally it is a treatment for a resistant localized fat deposit in an otherwise slim body. Results cannot be guaranteed and it is important to maintain a healthy body weight after treatment. New weight gains will result in re growth of fat in the treated area.

No, a radiofrequency procedure is not necessary as there is no swelling and inflammation after the procedure. A radiofrequency procedure has to be done after PC/Deoxycholate lipolysis to prevent the massive swelling that occurs after the procedure.

Most treatments can be combined with this procedure. In fact, PDO tightening and firming threads can be inserted straight after with Ceccarelli lipolysis treatment (in the same treatment ) which will help firm and tighten the skin in the treated area.

This treatment can be used on any area on the face and body where RESISTANT fat is present and includes jowls and jawlines, naso labial bulges and submental fat collections.

Any area on the body and the face can be treated: viz

  • Face: eye bags, fatty nasolabial folds/bulges, fatty jowls and double chin, fatty jawline.
  • Body: Resistant fat on tummy, love handles, inner thighs, saddle bags, bra bulges, bat wing arms, knees, cankles and cellulite bulges.

Yes, the Ceccarelli fat lipolysis is safe for all skin types.

The cost of Ceccarelli is the same price as for the PC/Deoxycholate fat lipolysis. The beauty of the Ceccarelli is that 4x the amount of traditional Mesotherapy/Deoxycholate can be combined in one treatment in order to get superior fat dissolving results.

Mesotherapy is a minimal invasive procedure which employs a series of multiple injections of various pharmaceutical and homeopathic chemical agents into the selective areas of fat. Mesotherapy injections target fat cells by inducing fat cells to rupture and/or causing cellular death. A patient may feel burning and irritation at the injection site and experience swelling at the time of the injections and immediately afterwards. The most common agents injected are Phosphatidylcholine/Sodium Deoxycholate. Unfortunately, the Deoxycholate, which contributes to the majority of the fat dissolving effect, causes a major inflammatory reaction to get the desired result and a maximum of 50mls of this Deoxycholate or PC is allowed per treatment.

To avoid complications, ensure that only an experienced medical doctor does your lipolysis treatment as serious side effects such as necrosis of the overlying skin can manifest post procedure if the treatment is not done correctly.

3 possible methods :

1. The first treatment option is by speeding up fat cell metabolism. Substances like phophatidyl choline (PPC), carnitine, caffeine and aminophylline belong to this group.

2. The second treatment option is to rupture the cell membrane. Deoxycholate, a bile soap, is contained in many preparations and is commonly used in lipolytic treatments. Rupture of the cell membrane results in the instantaneous release of potentially harmful enzymes and inflammatory mediators. Nasty complications have been reported using such drugs especially those containing high concentrations of deoxycholate.

3. Ceccarelli Solution contains Vitamin C, iron and lignocaine. In South Africa it is manufactured by Rausakem, a Cape based compounding pharmacy that is fully owned by a global compounding company, Fagron. The product is not available without a doctor’s prescription and can only be administered by a doctor. Once compounded it is advised that the product is used within 7 days mainly for stability reasons.

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This diet has been hell most days but the kindness and support from the team made it bearable and the results makes it worth it.

Review -Amazing Weight Loss Program
Reviewed on 5 October 2018 by Anonymous

The medical weight loss program is amazing and has waked wonders on my lifestyle, health and most importantly weight. I lost over 30 kg's on the program.

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Excellent service. Most welcoming staff

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I was feeling very fatigued and burned out everyday. I was working out so hard, 5 days a week, but nothing was happening as I was not getting the results that I wanted and eventually I was frustrated.

I have been on the HCG programme with Dr Pierce at Skin Renewal morningside and I have never seen such amazing results in my life.

Dr Pierce introduced me to the programme because I so badly wanted a lifestyle change, I wanted to be healthy from the inside and out. I lost 2kg’s within the first 2 weeks of the programme and thats when I knew that the programme is working for me but more than that my energy levels were improving and thats exactly what I wanted achieve. Dr Pierce has been such an amazing support, he literally held my hand. I’m now 7kgs lighter, super confident, very healthy and I am feeling like I’m on top of the world.

I would also love to thank the amazing and friendly Staff at Skin renewal morningside for all their support. The environment at Skin renewal morningside is so inviting and so beautiful.

I have been a client at Renewal Institute for 5 years and with very visit there is so much improvement. I am so happy to see that Skin renewal always goes the extra mile to keep their clients happy but most of all they always make sure that we achieve the best results.

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The staff at Bedfordview are so friendly and welcoming. The treatment is effective and I'm very happy with the service.

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The staff was very helpful in the journey. We hope that after the second cycle of treatment we will be able to achieve the goal. Can recommend sister Liana, she is amazing and very supporting and helpful.

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Shana is always a pleasure to visit. I always feel motivated and informed after my visit with Shana. Money well spent. Thank you for making me feel great!

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Noxy and her collegues has treated me professionally and with such care and sensitivity. I recommend them to anyone who needs advice and assistance for a healthy diet.

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I see Dominique Myburgh. The sverice is porfessional and the staff are wonderful. Great treatments

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