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Eye Wrinkles/Crow's Feet

Crow's feet are defined as wrinkles etched in the corner of the eye. Unlike wrinkles or expression lines on other areas of the face, crow's feet can appear to look deeper or more pronounced on the skin. They appear as a result of normal but excessive muscle action of the underlying sphincter muscle of the eye and produce wrinkles that radiate outward in a 'sunray' effect. Some of the leading causes of crow's feet include UV exposure and the loss of collagen and skin elasticity that come with age.
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In-office treatments for crow’s feet:

Eye Reshaping 

While eye rejuvenation encompasses various treatments to correct concerns such as crow's feet, under-eye bags, dark under-eye circles, and thinning skin around the eyes, the more recent trend is to use those same correction techniques and treatments to reshape the eye area.

Some of the most commonly requested eye reshaping treatments include: