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Smoker's Lines

Over a lifetime one creases ones lips with certain expression more than a million times, and eventually with time the lines just stay there. The vermilion border of the lip becomes distorted and "bleed" lines develop.
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In fact, any activity that makes your lips pucker, which activates the orbicularis oris, (a purse string- like muscle) which encircles the mouth, can cause wrinkles to appear on the upper lip. The development of such wrinkles is a function of both the activity and how often it is done. Smoking, talking, whistling, drinking water from a bottle and chewing gum amongst others, all cause the mouth's main muscle to contract.

With time vertical wrinkles develop and the severity of these wrinkles will depend on the thickness of your skin and the size of your lips. The thicker your skin, the less likely you will develop them. This is evident in men who rarely develop lip wrinkles as compared to women who may develop them (despite being a non-smoker).

Lip enhancement has gained much popularity since the 90’s. Patients young and old, desire fuller, more sensuous lips. The lips have been associated with female sexuality throughout time, and women who possess large full lips are thought to be more physically desirable.

Filler procedures are not invasive and they don't require much recovery time. The sooner one starts with soft tissue rejuvenation with dermal fillers, the better as early developing lip wrinkles are much easier to treat with dermal fillers.

Treatments for “Smokers’ Lines”

At Skin Renewal, aesthetic moth & lip rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvéderm and Restylane includes filling out some of the fine wrinkles and lines that are mainly located at the junction of the skin and the lip, restoring the Cupid's bow and raising up the mouth corners. The vermilion border should also be treated as this prevents the lip from excessive pursing that occurs with normal mouth functioning such as drinking and talking.

For a natural appearing lip, the body of the lip should be plumped as well for a fuller yet more natural shape. Lips should not be over-filled and with proper techniques they can be made fuller yet still look natural. Natural mouth & lip rejuvenation requires the expertise and experience of the doctor as the result depends very much on the doctor's technique. At Skin Renewal numerous lip rejuvenation treatments are done daily and all our medical Doctors are trained in the MD Codes technique for injecting Dermal Fillers.

Treatment of advanced lip wrinkles is a challenging problem as there is no complete cure in most cases, just an improvement. If these lip lines are left neglected, they become permanently ingrained and scar like and very resistant to treatments.

Non-Injectable treatments for Lip & Mouth rejuvenation:


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