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Warts are a very commonly occurring issue. There are different types of warts; verruca vulgaris, plantar warts and plane warts and they can occur on various areas, but they are most commonly found on hands, feet, knees, elbows and sometimes on the arms and legs.
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Warts can be found in individuals of any age and in almost any location. They are particularly common in children and teenagers. They are caused by a virus, and due to an imbalance between the virus and the individual's immune system, these warts will manifest on the skin.

One can also get genital warts, however these genital warts need specialised treatment as it is so easy to get infection in these areas and therefore Skin Renewal does not treat genital warts.

In-Clinic Treatment options at Skin Renewal:

It is important to note that these treatments are very aggressive and can therefore leave a small scar at the treated site.

Other treatments to Assist: