Frequently Asked Questions

The Exilis Intima is the first treatment of its kind, offering patients a non-surgical, non-invasive labia remodeling and sexual satisfaction enhancement treatment.

The treatment is performed by senior laser therapists, who works with the specialized radio frequency machines (either the Exilis Elite, or the Tinania) on the patient's labia area. Focused thermal energy is applied to disrupt the treated area's collagen fibers. The collagen triple-helix structure is affected by heat and the unraveling process is initiated. The skin's natural healing process evokes fibroblasts to produce new collagen fibers, resulting in improved structure and volume.

The treatment area consist of the Labia, which are the lips of the vagina and consist of two parts: the labia majora (the larger outside pair) and labia minora (the smaller inside pair); the perineum is also treated.

There is no pain, and no downtime with this treatment.

There is a warming sensation, which results in the collagen induction, so please be careful to keep open communication with your therapist and inform her of your heat sensitivity and comfort levels throughout the treatment.

Improvement in appearance:

80% of tested subjects that were evaluated noted the improvement in appearance as "significant – moderate" (40%), to "significant – excellent" (40%).

Improvement in Sexual Satisfaction:

60% of tested subjects that were evaluated reported improvement of sexual satisfaction as "significant – moderate" (40%), to "significant – excellent" (20%).

The treatment consists of treating both sets of labia lips (both left & right side), as well as the perineum. These 5 sections are treated separately. The total treatment time is 30 minutes.

After a consultation with your Body Renewal Doctor, the patient will receive a treatment package. For improved appearance and enhanced sexual satisfaction, a total of 4 treatments are normally recommended.

These sessions are scheduled 2 to 4 weeks apart, and will depend on each patient's specific condition and required results. After the 4 treatments the package provides long lasting results, with the option of maintenance treatment recomendation at a later stage.

The cost per treatment is R2800. A complete Intima package will thus cost the patient R11 200.

This focused treatment package offers long lasting results.

The treatment has been clinically tested and proved to be comfortable, and suitable to all skin types. The treatment sessions are short and focused with minimal discomfort for the patient.

The machine offers optimized energy delivery, resulting in gradual heat sensation. At the core of the device is a re-engineered EFC Elite system. It is an active cascade of hardware and software safety elements. In aesthetic treatments, precisely controlled heating is the basic requirement for the best treatment outcomes. The EFC Elite is a technological breakthrough appraised by industry leaders. It allows clinicians to treat effectively using high energy levels without compromising patient comfort.

The result is: uniform heating of targeted tissue and elimination of sparking or arcing while delivering maximized power. The illuminated hand piece and dual ground electrode monitoring all add up to make this the most advanced device available.

Yes, other sexual rejuvenation treatments such as Carboxytherapy and Dermal fillers can be used in conjunction with the Intima treatment.

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